Putting Ramon on ice

Today a friend posted this AMAZING UTube video on Facebook.


As I watched the magnificent ebb and flow of those birds it reminded me of how life is a constantly changing set of circumstances. One minute we are caught up in a flowing whole, thinking we know exactly where we are going, the next we break away from the mob and move into something new. Close up it looks chaotic, random, even frightening, but from a distance every change has its own rythm, form, beauty and purpose.

In just over a week the flow and rythm of my current direction will shift when the publishing rights for my two erotic novellas, Breaking the Rules and Bloom, revert back to me. The reasons for this are complicated and boring, and I won't waste your time with them. What's important to know is that Ramon is about to depart cyber space for several months.

The Master of Love erotic romance novellas were my first major works published, so I am particularly fond of them. Ramon is my idea of a perfect lover (he looks a little like Theo Theodoridis) so I'm particularly fond of him also. Because 2013 was a hugely busy year I didn't have time to complete any of the other novellas in the series, which left fans hanging on too long for the next installments (and we all know how easy it is to lose interest if made to wait too long). But more than this, over the past six months I've come to understand there are some important romantic and character elements missing from Breaking the Rules and Bloom that really need to be there.

I noticed readers and reviewers raised common questions about my mysterious Ramon. Where was he coming from and what motivated him? His caring, attentive nature seemed at odds with his committment phobia. 'Who is he really?' reviewers mused. 'And what's his problem with relationships?'

Well, of course Ramon has a story. A profound one. He was a starry eyed young lover once. But tragedy struck, as was prophesised at his birth - 

Ramon Mendez was born handsome as a god on a day so fresh and clean you'd think the world had been made anew. As the first born boy after a long trail of sisters - five to be exact - the Mendez household erupted with jubilation. As soon as she could stand on her shaky birth legs, his mother, Celestine, took him to the priest to be blessed and then to the old gypsy woman who lived in a dark humpy by the river. Old Kaka told fortunes and while Celestine was undeniably Catholic, superstitions ran deep and mothers and fathers ran to the old woman to have their destinies revealed and futures plundered.

Old Kaka held the baby up to the sun. Even then, as a chubby newborn, Ramon's skin glowed with translucent light. Her leathery hands wrapped around his tiny torso like a small saddle and her black eyes squinted at his dark, lolling head.


'The perfect man,' she pronounced, handing Ramon back into Celestine's anxious arms. 'Good fortune awaits him.'

Celestine burst with pride. Something told her this baby was special. Smiling she went to press some coins into the fortune tellers wrinkled hand when Old Kaka raised a craggy finger in warning.

'But.' Her smile was grave. 'His journey to true love will be long and painful. A tragedy will befall him. It will close the doors to his heart. He was born to love many women, but he will only be touched by two. One will close him, one will open him. His time will come when the sun and moon rest at opposite ends of the sky. If he fails then, all chance at love will be lost.'

I'm excited to now have the opportunity to flesh out Ramon's story and give the series the attention it's been waiting for. Master of Love will be a five (possibly six) book series. Breaking the Rules and Bloom will become books 2 and 3 and will be revised to reflect more of Ramon's personality. I'm hoping to see books 1 through 4 released sequentially later this year, if the ebb and flow of life and chance allow me to achieve that goal.

Until then my hot sex god is being put on virtual ice. And I am flying off into a new murmuration.

(If you don't know what that is see video link above).






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