Pie in the Sky and other Circus Tricks

As an erotic fiction writer, research can lead to some unexpected surprises. One of these arrived last year in the form of a facebook update via my Erotic Fiction Writers of Australia. A member asked what seemed like an innocent question following a discussion with her 20-something son.

‘What does Pie in the Sky mean?’

The reference (made innocently by his middle-aged mother) apparently made him laugh.

‘Look it up,’ he said.

All God Google gave her was the well known metaphor – an unrealistic idea or dream. When she brought the question to the group the fourth of fifth commenter informed all of us ‘It’s a sexual position.’

The bafflement among those of a certain age was obvious. The answerer then provided us with the most invaluable resource an erotic writer could imagine.


The website was set up in 2001, purportedly to provide educational resources on all aspects of sex and sexuality. Its approach is very matter-of-fact and the breadth of information impressive, if not overwhelming.

If you want to spice up a failing sex life, or understand how better to pleasure your partner, or need advice on common problems – like, say, sore jaw from fellatio – then this is your go to site.

"And if you happen to write erotic fiction, it should be at the very top of your favourite bookmarks."

As it turns out, Pie in the Sky is an elaborate name for an interesting, if not challenging, cunnilingus position. True, it requires a level of fitness and flexibility many of my generation might struggle with but, looking at the fabulous 3D animated picture of it in action (animations accompany all listed positions), I could see the erotic potential.  I loved it so much I used it in my story, The Banquet, in Edible Delights Volume 2.

The enlightening and informative detail of the Advice Column and Sex Editorials is fascinating, but the real cream (pardon the pun) of this site is the colourful names for all the sexual positions. They’ve been grouped by style and activity and there is literally something for everyone here, no matter your age, fitness, flexibility or proclivities. But beware, extended viewing may cause an eye bleed.

For the more romantic types who want to maintain eye contact throughout intercourse the Missionary position is only the beginning. Here is plethora of FACE TO FACE positions that take missionary into the ordinary everyday with Bookends and Deck Chair, or for the more adventurous, Viennese Oyster.

The 14 Butterfly positions include the exploratory Deep Impact, Mirror of Pleasure and Pirates Bounty (ARRRRR). If none of those tickle your pickle, and you’re feeling a little daring, check out the more audacious positions under Cowgirl, Exotic or Rear Entry. (WARNING: I pulled a muscle just looking at some of these. They are not for the sedentary or the faint hearted. Be brave and take care out there.)

Once we enter the realm of oral sex, position names go from the banal to flamboyant. Drive-Thru, Butler, Forbidden Fruit, Eve’s Ecstasy for the ladies; Snake Charmer, Fuck-Face, Atten-Hut and Throat Swab for the boys.

Exhausted yet?

But wait, there’s more!

Do you have a question about STD’s, bisexuality, polyamorous lifestyles, sex toys, birth control, body alteration and massage? There will be an answer here and if not, you can at least read the highly entertaining, eyebrow raising, laughable and sometimes deeply disturbing comment strings. Good Lord, what people will say under a pseudonym!

What Is your favourite SexInfo101 position?


OMG! What a great resource! Thanks for sharing, Kate.

KateBelle.X's picture

Hope you find it as enlightening as I have Sarah. And believe me, I have used it regularly. For writing purposes - of course! cheeky

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