A Conference Twitter Tale

Having returned on a high from the annual Australian Romance Writers Conference I wanted to write a post that captured the essence of the event. But how to give it the credit it's due? Most people think romance is all gushy and fluffy hearts and flowers.  Yet this conference is the largest professional event focusing on the craft of writing in our wide, brown land. It attracts nearly 390 delegates over four days, provides pitching opportunities to new and established writers, and a to-die-for social calendar and let's not mention the outrageous costumes at the cocktail party!

So I thought, go to the source - what better way to tell the story of a conference experience than from the mouths (or tweets) of the attendees. Introducing the Romance Writers of Australia 2014 Conference as told by Twitter. (For more search #RWAus14)

‘Literature starts conversations & a safe place to explore the human condition, acceptance and understanding.’ - @jennjmcleod #RWAus14

@SmartBitches Overheard #RWAus14:
Lady: "When I go to the library, I always look for Mills & Boon Sexy."
Friend "You won't find any. I have them all."

@NikkiCousins Most guys talk in shorthand. Go back thru your manuscript and shorten the Hero's dialogue #rwaus14

Major emotional turning points in a story will provide the structure for your synopsis. #RWAus14 #writingtips #romance @EbonyMcKenna

@BookThingo: #RWAus14 First time the Stand Ups included bloggers!!! (- Anne Gracie closes each conference with a list of stand up's - Stand up if you've finished a manuscript this year. Stand up if you've submitted to a competition. Stand up if you've blogged about romance. etc until the entire room is not only standing up but welling up)

#RWAus14 #RWAGrant Funding bodies in Australia LOVE diversity. If you can talk about it in your proposal, do so.

@AnitaJoyWriter The Pixar secret to success: EC=EM(R+P+H+A) +ES(WM) First time maths made sense, brilliant! #RWAus14 
(NOTE: Emotional Core = Empathy (Relateability + Pity + Humanity + Admirability) + Emotional Stakes (Worthy Motivation) - in case you needed to know!

@RWAus Cherry Adair says stop procrastinating, stop being afraid and give ourselves permission to write crap. It can be fixed. #RWAus14

@cuznikki Internal conflict test: if you put these characters alone in a cave and nothing external will interfere why aren't they kissing #RWAus14

@readnikkilogan Alex Adsett pimps her handsome, single, little brother to 300 women. #RWAus14 #NiceWork

@DonnaMHanson Make websites mobile ready. Make sure people don't have a reason to leave. Social media above the fold on home page #RWAus14

@DonnaMHanson Think about your web presence before you get published. Editors will look you up. Start early with your branding. #RWAus14

@BeckNicholas 'Your author brand is your promise to your readers' #RWAus14

@RachelRuddick @Smashwords Jim's (Azevedo) number one piece of advice at #RWAus14. To increase sales write lots of amazing books. Oh yeah:-).

@BecMcMaster 2/ Best bit? Watching the waitress try not to wet herself laughing while pouring tea. Best conference she's worked at, I'll bet. #RWAus14

@AlexAdsett Overheard at #RWAus14- who *hasnt* spanked my husband this weekend? - Tina Marie Clark

@WriterLynch Learning about "First Readers" with @jazzervedo at #RWAus14 and trying not to think of virality as a bad thing #hackingcough

@Ecstasyfiles The advantage indie author have over trad authors is the control over their price point that maximises profit and reader reach. #RWAus14

@ReadNikkiLogan The only way to ensure your book is never pirated is to never publish. #RWAus14 #Azavedo

@cuznikki Stay off your meds you write the best book then!! Love it @CherryAdair #RWAus14 #RWAdair

@ecstasyfiles Piracy isn't your biggest threat, obscurity is your biggest threat. Best protection is to make your book available & affordable. #RWAus14

@cuznikki How much do you want your character to suffer before they change. Go the whole hog #RWAus14

@wendylcurtis Internal conflict is emotional conflict. #RWAus14 #RWAdair misunderstandings are not conflict.

@RWAus Do you want full bodied or flat page people? @jennjmcleod #RWAus14 #smalltownsecrets

@cuznikki Falling in love should not be the goal #RWAus14

@SashaCottman Cherry Adair-characters need 3-5 traits one of which needs to be on the page every time your character is #RWAus14 #writingtips

@cuznikki I do love a lone clapper in a workshop session #RWAus14

@ecstasyfiles Character is flower, motivation is roots. #RWAus14 #CherryAdair

@ecstasyfiles I'll tell you when to write something down, the rest is all waffle. -@CherryAdair #RWAus14

@Stefanie_London Publishers prefer to contract from a full book rather than a partial, even with published authors ##RWAUS14

@ReadNikkiLogan Authenticity is key online. Don't over- think it. The internet can smell a fake. That's why publishers can't post for you. #RWAus14 #QnA

@Stefanie_London Authenticity is the most important thing with social media @joelnaoum #pubtip #RWAus14

@RWAus The author should always own the copyright (unless they’re a writer for hire in someone else’s universe) @LucienneDiver #RWAus14

@anitajoywriter Check your contracts for non-compete clauses and rights reversions #agents #RWAus14

@anitajoywriter You have to own your career #LucienneDiver #RWAus14

@ReadNikkiLogan As authors, distribution = discoverability. Put yourself wherever people are buying. Don't be selective. #RWAus14 #Azzervedo

@ecstasyfiles Support your local publishers and bookstore, best thing you can do in face of Amazon power. #RWAus14 @alexadsett

@ReadNikkiLogan 'Online cred' higher than 'online presence'. Having other people publicly praise your work is super-effective. #RWAus14 #LucienneDiver

@ecstasyfiles Don't get into a public stoush over a bad review. EVER. EVER. @alexadsett #RWAus14

@ecstasyfiles Secret to getting published never changes. WRITE A KNOCKOUT WELL PACED ENGAGING BOOK THE PUBLISHER CANT PUT DOWN. #RWAus14

@RachaelJohns I'm not sure there is anyone in the WORLD as funny a Cherry Adair!! #RWAus14!!

@SarahBrabazon Cherry Adair is refusing to relinquish the podium #RWAus14 she's a hilarious speaker!

@wendylcurtis #RWAdair hilarious. Room is in fits #RWAus14 her cat vomits up mouse on her foot while on 'the call' with editor hahahaha

@RWAus Editors know when they first talk to you, you’re deaf, dumb and blind. You’re not going to hear anything - Cherry Adair #RWAus14

@RWAus Cherry Adair wrote 17 manuscripts before she was published and then shredded them. #brave #RWAus14

@ecstasyfiles Each scene must contain some element of fear, from worry through to terror, to compel reader to keep reading. #RWAus14 #JamesScottBell

@CharlotteNash79 @jamesscottbell : a story begins when you strike the match, not when you lay out the wood! #RWAus14

@ImeldaEvans Betas not only have the mighty wang, but know what to do with it. @amyandrewsbooks at #rwaus14

@allisinclair The #RWAus14 high tea conversations about sex in romance novels is freaking out the waiters #redfaces

@ReadNikkiLogan "You don't open a fashion store with one pair of shoes, pants and a shirt." Write well and write often. #RWAus14 #MarieForce

@ecstasyfiles The light bulb moment. Sad music makes you a better editor. #creativebrain #RWAus2014

@ecstasyfiles Is there ever a RWA conference where we don't talk about Mr Darcy? #prideandpredjudice @SmartBitches

@RWAus2014 We believe this should be compulsory viewing for all #RWAus14 attendees:http://www.jenniferarmentrout.com/author-at-a-convention-told-in-supernatural-gifs/ … You're welcome.

@ecstasyfiles Have decided I am going to every @CherryAdair session if only to watch beleaguered #RWAus14 volunteers try and get her off stage at end.

@ecstasyfiles The book is king. If the king isn't doing the job you need him to do, behead him. Top advice @marieforce


@ecstasyfiles You can all rest assured the world is a better place because of #RWAus14. Next year Get Fresh in Melbourne,21-23 Aug @ Park Hyatt

See you there next year! xxx


Thank you for bringing the verve, fun and information home in such a great post!

KateBelle.X's picture

Thanks for stopping by to read it Elizabeth. I loved watching the Twitter feed, so sharing it seemed a fun way to report back on the buzz of a fabulous conference.

Love the tweets! Fingers crossed I'll be there next year!

KateBelle.X's picture

The Tweets really are fun aren't they? Thanks for sharing Robyn.

Thanks for listing those tweets, Kate. I was offline during the conference so it is really cool to see what people were tweeting.

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