A celebration of the G

There are many great G's in life. 'The G' - a fond reference to the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground - and the G-spot - another fond reference to a highly sought after (and some would say imaginary) party spot in a woman's body - but today I want to celebrate a not so talked about G - the humble G-string.

I don’t bother with New Year resolutions. I discovered years ago they’re a collective act of mass guilt. While everyone else rushes at the first weeks of the year with great expectations, soon to be quashed by routine, disinterest and aching muscles, I’m embarking on a different quest.

In the run up to Christmas and New Year, I find myself opening my underwear drawer and extracting pieces of clothing that look more like they belong in the laundry rag cupboard than on my bum. As I pull them on and survey the loose fit and stretched baggy bits in mirror I know the time has come. The annual knicker shop is on.

I’m a g-string girl, although I wasn’t always. My dearly beloved introduced me to them many years ago, when my body was still firm and ripe, and I fell in love with them immediately. Their benefits are many and include:

  • Cool. G-strings are the natural solution to a sweaty rear on those hot summer days
  • Comfortable. No nasty pinching, biting and hitching so common with full bottomed undies.
  • Smooth. As long as they are a good fit they make all your clothes fit smoothly over your hips.
  • Sexy. (The best bit.) When worn under a light dress or short skirt, there’s nothing sexier than the feel of soft fabric and breeze on your skin.

I like to have a range of g’s on hand so I have something for all occasions. The plain white or flesh coloured ones in soft organic cotton (Target have a good range) are perfect for day wear, while pretty, lacey things barely held together by shoestring elastic a great for a special night out – or just when I want to feel really feminine.

I do try to get them when they’re on special because I think it’s outrageous how much stores think they can charge for such a tiny scrap of material. Sometimes they cost more than the standard knickers – go figure! My dearly beloved was looking at a beautiful set under a particular Australian model’s brand for me for Christmas one year, but balked and the $170 price tag.

Still, one of the great joys of my New Year is chucking out all the wrinkly, strectched, floppy underwear and filling my drawer with fresh, well-fitted, colourful and SEXY g-strings.

What do you treat yourself to every New Year?

Which do you prefer – G-strings or knickers?

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