In Bed With...Jennifer Lynne

The curtains are drawn, the candles lit and slow saxophone plays in the background. The cushions are plumped and the velvet cover is pulled back to reveal someone under black satin sheets. Snuggle up because today we are in bed with Jennifer Lynne, author of Demon of Envy, the latest novella in Jennifer's popular Gods of Love series.

K: Welcome to the boudoir Jennifer.

J: Thanks for having me to visit, Kate!

K: Make yourself comfortable and tell us a bit about your writing...

What’s the hardest thing about writing a romantic sexual relationship into a story?

The physical side of a sexual relationship is actually the easiest part to write. Also fun! So much fun! The most difficult is the emotional connection between the characters. Anyone can have sex and walk away, but to really connect with someone, and to move forward and develop that connection into something real and lasting, is bloody hard, don't you think? Writing about that emotional side of a relationship is definitely the most challenging part.

(Kate: True. And that’s the bit people want to read. I always say, don’t write the sex, everyone knows what sex looks like, write what sits around it.)

When it comes to sex scenes in your work, how far are you willing to take your readers into the bedroom (or boardroom, or elevator...) and why?

All the way, Kate! My writing is classed as erotic romance - where there is definitely a developing romantic relationship, but the sex scenes are explicit and the subject matter on occasion risqué. Why? Because romance starts with lust - that heady pheromone connection on a purely physical level. I can't imagine writing romance and not having that element front and centre. And I do like to push the boundaries in my writing. I give my characters free reign to dictate where their sex scenes should go, and quite often that takes me right to the edge of where I'm comfortable, and perhaps a little beyond.

(Kate: Couldn’t agree more, Jennifer. What is romance without attraction and desire? It’s the food that grows love and intimacy)

Tell us about your first kiss – where did it happen and what was it like?

I attended ballroom dancing classes as a teenager - an exciting opportunity to interact and flirt with "older boys". Wow, they must have been at least seventeen! It was progressive dancing, and as I swapped partners one night, the boy whose arms I'd just stepped into leaned in and went for it, big fat tongue and all, for what seemed like hours. It was the most unromantic thing I've ever experienced. I just stood there with mouth - and eyes - wide open, not knowing what to do. God, I shudder even now at the memory! It was another couple of years before I was kissed the way a woman is meant to be kissed - you know, in a way that gives you shivers across your skin, causes your stomach to flip-flop and centres right down there in your throbbing you-know-what! Mmm, now that was a proper kiss!

(Kate: Oh yuck! My first kiss was a bit like that too. I’m guessing the dancing stopped while he ‘plundered’ your mouth!)

Have you ever had a lover who changed you or taught you something new about yourself, a lover who made a difference in your life?

My husband (the current one - I've had two!). He's quite a bit older than me, lived on a kibbutz in the seventies, and his sense of adventure in our relationship has taught me that it is okay to explore. To push boundaries. To do whatever the hell you want in the private confines of your relationship or marriage. I don't think I could have written half the sex scenes in my Gods of Love series if it wasn't for his influence in encouraging my imagination to run free, and to let my characters go where they need to go sexually.

(Kate: It’s nice to hear about a man who is willing to explore alongside his partner. Inspiration indeed! A ‘God’ in the making perhaps?)

Leather or lace or? What would be your favourite fantasy undergarment to wear in the boudoir and why?

Both at different times, I think. Leather is more severe, perhaps a little heavy-handed, definitely stronger and more domineering in nature. That's me - on occasion. But there are also times when lace is my thing. It is more delicate, more sensual, soft and romantic, and that also can be me. Depends on my mood, and that of my partner.

(Kate: Couldn’t have said it better myself.)

Thanks for joining me Jennifer, it’s been a delight hearing a bit more about you. If you are interested in knowing more about Jennifer’s Greek God inspired erotic romances you can find her via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads

About Jennifer Lynne

Jennifer Lynne lives in Melbourne, Australia, and writes short contemporary erotic romance, mostly with paranormal/fantasy elements. When she's not writing what her family and friends call “porn for chicks” and what she prefers to call “super-hot romance for intelligent readers”, she's working in the day job, running around after teenage daughters and trying to find time for her husband. Jennifer is published with Red Sage and Breathless Press. Over the past two years she has embarked on an indie journey with the publication of the Gods of Love series featuring erotic Greek gods and modern-day mortals in need of sexual healing.

About Demon of Envy

When Olivia lets a sexy god into her life, will his demon Envy behave, or will it rip her human heart to shreds? Demon of Envy is the latest in the Gods of Love series about the Greek gods of desire searching for love in a modern-day world. Each of these erotic novellas is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

Buy Links:

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Thanks for having me to visit today, Kate. And yes, hubby does believe he is the inspiration for my sexy gods of love! We'll let him continue to think that, shall we? ;)

KateBelle.X's picture

Funny! The boys always think it's all about them! Thanks for dropping by for a bit of fun, Jenn! X

Hi Jennifer,
Great interview. Your hubby sounds like your soul mate.



KateBelle.X's picture

Doesn't he, Margaret? What a fortunate woman.

It helps to have a hubby prepared to help and encourage your research ;) Great interview, ladies!

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