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You're going to need a little bit of courage for today's In Bed With because we are snuggling up with a prolific and quirky author of spacey sci-fi and paranormal erotic romance. Welcome to Imogene Nix, author of Reunion – The Assassin, Reunion – Executing Justice and Sex, Love & Aliens (Lordy, what a combination!) due out in October. Make yourself comfortable, Imogene. Errr, could you just shift that sword over a little, it's sticking into my shin - thanks. So tell us -

What’s the hardest thing about writing a romantic sexual relationship into a story?

I think it’s making it personal and fresh.  After a while you get certain tells in a writers work, and unless you are constantly aware, I think the intimate scenes become stale.

(K: Oh I couldn’t agree more. Repetitive sex is as boring on the page as it is in bed! Although I doubt sex with aliens would ever be dull.)

When it comes to sex scenes in your work, how far are you willing to take your readers into the bedroom (or boardroom, or elevator...) and why?

Well I have been known to take them into space – but I don’t think that’s what you are asking… LOL!

For me, I can’t take to the closed door school of thinking. So rather, let’s get it nice and wide and find out exactly what our heroine and hero are up to. Every caress and touch, each moan and sigh…

(K: Sex in space? Sounds like a segment from the Muppets. Oh, wait. That was pigs, wasn’t it?)

Tell us about your first kiss – where did it happen and what was it like?

Gosh, I feel old now… I can’t remember it! Umm I do remember the first time I kissed my husband. There wasn’t marching bands and a million doves released. But it was tender. It was the night my husband asked if he could court me, in the front room of the house where he rented. And yeah… it was good ;)

(K: I love these kinds of stories – they are so sweet. Maybe I should do a first kiss series next year?)

Have you ever had a lover who changed you or taught you something new about yourself, a lover who made a difference in your life?

You know, as much as I recognise that women may need a lover who is happy to give directions, I think, for me, it was more about finding the freedom to let go and enjoy. And that’s what I got in my husband.

He gave me the space and the confidence to explore who and what I am, to find my own level of sexuality.

(K: Now that’s true empowerment. What a strong basis for a long term relationship. I applaud you both!)

Leather or lace or? What would be your favourite fantasy undergarment to wear in the boudoir and why?

Lace please. Leather is fine but gets sweaty and you end up itching. My ultimate fantasy garment for the boudoir would have to be a lacy peignoir (and me as a size 12…) And in white, intricate enough to hide the bits you want to hide to create a hint of cheekiness but enough to set a-throbbing my husband’s heart.

It’s all about the tease.

(K *slinks quietly away to look up ‘peignoir’ feeling deeply ignorant*: Oh yes! A lacy peignoir is soooo sexy! Yep, I’m with you there, Imogene.)

Who is Imogene Nix?

Imogene is a mother of two, compulsive reader, and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, two daughters, dog, cats, guinea pigs, and chooks. She has a particular fondness for vampires, star ship captains, and things that go bump in the night (especially vampire types).

Imogene has tried many varied roles in her working life including kindergarten assistant, teacher, principal, and kindergarten and child care director, but rates owning a bookstore and writing her own novels as the absolute highlight.

In her mother and wife alter ego, she has travelled widely and lived in some very unique places including Far Western Queensland, Cape York, and even Tasmania. She loves to travel and rates China and Hong Kong among her favorite destinations.

She blames Star Trek Voyager, Firefly, and the works of Alexander Kent for her interest in naval activities and later space fleet interest.

Want to know more about Imogene? Seek her out here:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter Pinterest | Goodreads | The Reading Room


:D Lol!!!!! Thanks so much I giggled my way through the entire interview :D *psst... Kate is such a crack-up ;)

Great interview, Imogene. You mention Star Trek, Firefly and HongKong all in one swoop. Sigh. If I ever get to the down under, I'm looking you up.

Lol!!! Thanks Sabine! I'm heading north of the equator later on in the year :D

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