"...like assembling IKEA furniture only with more orgasms..."

You’re in for a treat today!

“When you need escape, when you need that rough lover to bring you to your knees, here you will find stories to singe your fingers. The taste of adventure, the tang of BDSM, the burn of fantasy run wild. Brace yourselves, if you dare to read.”

And so we enter the wild world of Cari Silverwood, BDSM author extraordinaire. Her sixth and latest e-book, The Dom with a Safeword, which she co-authored with two others, was released in late October by Wicked Cucumber Press - and I’ll be reviewing it next week.

Cari has been writing since 2010, shortly after she began seriously reading erotic fiction. She developed a taste for writing BDSM sex into stories because of the scope it gave her. "BDSM covers a lot of kinks," she says, and her stories show how much she enjoys playing with the power dynamics of a dominant/submissive relationship.

Her own reading tastes are reflected in what and how she writes. She loves a book ‘with good prose’ but she "loves erotic fiction with loads of BDSM in the sex scenes, and stories with a solid, moderately complex, plot.’ Her favourite authors include ‘Cherise Sinclair, Morgan Hawke, Joey Hill, Kitty Thomas, and Annabel Joseph. And the latest by Candace Blevins, I’m itching to read. She seems to improve with each new book." This is a woman her knows her stuff, and that’s a good thing for her readers.

When asked what her fave turn-off is in erotic fiction she’s unequivocal – "bad writing and or characters who I don’t click with." She’s not alone there. Her commitment to quality writing, to which the reviews on her books attest, is probably why her fiction is steadily gaining popularity.

Cari also believes that bondage and discipline has an innate appeal to a lot of readers, especially women. A lot of women do like their men to show some dominance. When and how varies. Sometimes it's only in the bedroom but others are happy giving over power outside the bedroom. There are no doubt a lot of deeper psychological reasons that will be at play, and those will vary from person to person. BDSM relationships can just feature sadism and masochism for example but I think it's the dominance and submission that appeals to the majority.”

Away from her fiction Cari has regular life with a husband (who she claims is the sexiest thing she owns!), lurking teenagers, an Evil Day Job and menagerie of animals. She reckons she saves the Universe every second Sunday as well, but I’m not sure I believe that one. When asked what she’s doing when she’s not writing smut she seems confused. "Do I write smut? I prefer to call them stories where the people in them often fall over naked then exercise frantically together putting part A into slot B while breathing hard and climaxing. It’s a bit like assembling IKEA furniture only with more orgasms."

Iron Dominance by Cari SilverwoodIron Dominance by Cari Silverwood
Rough Surrender by Cari SilverwoodRough Surrender by Cari Silverwood
31 Flavours of Kink by Cari Silverwood31 Flavours of Kink by Cari Silverwood


Other books by Cari Silverwood:

  • Three Days of Dominance - Urban Fantasy
  • Iron Dominance - Steampunk
  • Lust Plague - Steampunk with a zombie disaster
  • 31 Flavors of Kink - based on the true story of a woman who needs BDSM to enjoy sex and how one day she gained the courage to tell her husband
  • Rough Surrender - romance set in Cairo, 1910, at the time of the first Great Week of Aviation on the African continent

BUY LINK. Available from AMAZON and all your usual e-retail suspects.

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