Hello I'm Kate Belle

I’m a lover: of words, people, life and coffee (especially coffee). I’m a rule bender, boundary challenger and mischief maker. My quest to understand love, in all its darkness and light, leads me to ask my readers some tough questions. I write to connect – to you, to myself and to the mess of dots that make up the universe. My kitchen is my favourite dance floor.

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To celebrate the anniversary of the release of Being Jade, and my upcoming writers panels - F Word: Romance @ The Wheeler Centre and Risky Fictions @ Bendigo Writers Festival - I thought I'd republish a Q&A I did for The Hoopla. Some good meaty bits to chew on here - including all the big ticket items - love, truth, infidelity and intimacy. Oh, and art! ...more
My previous ranty post has generated some robust discussion on the issue of whether Melbourne International Comedy Festival can be held in any way accountable for including Jim Jefferies' misogynist show on their bill. I'm proud, but not so proud that I can't admit I am wrong or erred in my thinking. Now that the righteous rage has settled, I'll concede I made a couple of errors. Nonetheless, I stand by my point - no excuse for violence. ...more
Never let it be said I don’t know my place. By my sheer misfortune of being born with a vagina, I know I should just shut the hell up and not post this hysterical, bitchy rant about Jim Jefferies and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I should just take Jefferies misogynist jokes on the chin – like a nice submissive Eve. But fuck you, Jim Jefferies and MICF. I’m not Eve, and you just started a fight you won’t win. ...more
Welcome back to the boudoir. The sultry atmosphere is set for a cosy pillow chat with one of my favourite people and authors who has just released a new book and has a fab freebie on offer. Snuggle up because today we are in bed with Eden Summers, author of A Shot of Sin. ...more
In spite of my recent discovery that social media is fairly pointless, I joined Instagram this week. ...whyilovemelbourne...(in case you’d like to join me.) Am I wasting my time? Life is busy enough, without having to post about it all the time. How do you feel about social media? ...more

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